Blogger Recognition Award

Hi all! So I haven’t written anything bloggy in a while and truthfully I am still on a blog break with it not being too long until my A levels.

However, I have a bit of spare time now as it’s the Easter holidays, and I thought I would jump on to have my say on the Blogger Recognition Award. If you’re not aware of what it is, it is an award set up by bloggers designed to help support one another in the community.

I have been nominated by two lovely girls, Keeley- and Lib-


  • Write a post about your award
  • Thank whoever nominated you and include a link to their blog
  • Give a brief story of how your blog began
  • Share some advice for new bloggers
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers and let them know

So to Lib and Keeley I have to say my thanks for you two nominating me! I really don’t have a very fixed approach to my blog and I would describe myself as a more ‘casual’ blogger. I am also a bit of a perfectionist – so I’ll only post something if I think it’s actually worth me writing and putting out there. Surprisingly though, my blogs clearly still getting some recognition from others and for that I can only say thank you! Be sure to check out both Keeley’s and Lib’s blog 🙂

So a brief story on how my blog began? Ahh, that’s so cringe and I’m not going to sit here and pretend there’s a deep and elaborate story behind it. I do enjoy writing, and of course photography, so I started up my blog in summer just as a past time. I promoted it on my Instagram and now I’ve got a nice little following going on. If you’ve come over from one of the other girls’ blogs then I’d love for you to follow if you like what you see!

As for advice, as I said, I’m not a hardcore blogger so I’m probably not the best for this. I think the reason I like my blog is because I only really post original content. I think it really shows when you’re writing something just to follow a crowd. Sometimes when I read blogs I feel like I am reading the same stuff over and over again. When you write, try to form your own opinion rather than simply reposting something that has been said a thousand times before. Also, you want your content to be a reflection of you- for example I am 18 so I make my posts and writing style a bit more mature.

You’re supposed to nominate ten people but I am actually super selective with the blogs I read. Also a couple of the people I asked told me they didn’t want to write one for their blog- so here’s just 3 people I nominate:



Olivia Grace

Going to curl back up into my cocoon of coursework and revision now, have a fab Easter and try to enjoy any time you’re lucky enough to have off! Be sure to take a look at the above bloggers. Click their name to be taken to their blogs.




Amazon Alexa makes people incapable and homes lazy..

Turns out it’s National Technology Day!📲I doubt you knew, it’s always the National day of something or other. A quick google search and I found that apparently it’s also national bean day… and national shortbread day??? Who decides this stuff? A blessing for food companies though, national days I expect drive up sales. Because when is there a better time to buy shortbread, than on national shortbread day? *spoiler*- it doesn’t improve taste or quality of the shortbread. You feel like your part of something though- definitely just a physiological pleasure there.

Enough about beans, and more of ‘where have I been?’. It’s been a while since I’ve sat and wrote a blog post. Can I get away with saying that less is more in this case? Ideas come to me sporadically, and motivation is a wave that surges over me at random times (it’s 4.30 as I lie here typing this out- and no the sun isn’t setting, it soon will be rising)- ooops..

As you read this though (if you’re reading on January 6th 2019), then as mentioned it’s national technology day. Technology users are all tainted unfortunately with the same brush as being ‘lazy’. Mostly it’s sadly us youngsters who get this kind of gripe.

Advancements (which I can’t deny are exciting!) are bringing us voice controlled technology known as ‘smart speakers’ (think Echo Dot & Google Home). From what I’ve seen of this technology in action, I feel these are causing many to have an excessive reliance on tech and to be honest it’s becoming quite sad, even comedic. So to an extent I’m agreeing with some of the ‘lazy’ backlash.

As an initial thought, they are pricy little pieces of tech. I’ve seen some priced at £140 upwards, and by the time you’ve faffed buying add-ons such as the compatible lightbulbs- the money spent seems extortionate and a waste.

Although I don’t own a google home or echo dot, I can get a wholesome idea from advertising and research. The services I usually hear of include;

-forecasting weather

-telling the time

-making a shopping list

-switching off lights

-defining words

-calendar features

I don’t want to move into a rant-like tone and explain why I think all of these features are worthless but I will just say that they are all… well, worthless. To remember birthdays, write them into a calendar, hang it up and you’re set. If you choose to rely on good old Alexa, then you must spend £100+, set up the speaker, add all the birthdays in digitally, and then, what? -ask the speaker each day if it’s anyone’s birthday. By that point it would be too late anyway!

If you’re affording an amazon echo, then you likely possess a decent phone. The services offered by the speakers seem to overlap with a lot of what you can get from using Siri or voice control on your mobile too. Again making this seem an unnecessary purchase.

All of this has led me to believe that people own these for fun, more-so than for the actual convenience of having a recipe or the time read aloud.

I think largely it the novelty here, of talking to a ‘robot’ and the ease of getting information at speed. This, and a mixture of FOMO, and giving into hypes and trends is what makes people want these products. In turn though, this is causing for lazy behaviour and an objection to completing simple tasks independently. An ‘Alexa can do it and Alexa will know attitude’ has formed in a lot of households. Or maybe, you’re a just a shameless technology nerd- in which case then happy technology day to you!

Whilst this technology admittedly IS super clever- we are even cleverer. I just feel everyone needs to rewind a little and remember that we can complete many tasks for ourselves, and find things out through experiencing, researching and talking with real people.

Do you own a smart speaker? It surprises me that many people are giving in and buying these creepy robots, have you ever experienced anything weird with your own?



Makeup Interview Collab

💄Breathe a sigh of relief for the weekend! Might have some new faces today if you’ve come over from Niviens blog. A brief bit about me then- I started my blog just a bit over a month ago, alongside my instagram @accessorize.your.life_ which I’ve had for too many years to count now🤦🏽‍♀️😂 At the moment I’ve got a little vintage/autumn/photography theme going on so give me a follow if you care enough.

‘Emma In Essence’ isn’t what I want to be an exclusively makeup based blog but it’s the area where me and Nivien found some common ground. Here we have interviewed each other on a whole spectrum of makeup- whilst keeping it sharp and succinct.

If you started here first off, then my answers will be up on Niviens blog- link at the end!

First makeup product you ever brought?

Nivien- I received a $25 Sephora Gift Card so I went and bought a Sephora Collection Palette that is now discontinued. It was my first time ever going to Sephora and I was so happy.

First high end makeup product you ever bought?

Nivien- Makeupforever Primer.

What would you say are your top three drugstore brands?

Nivien- I don’t buy drugstore brands because they make me break out.

Dark lip or neutral lip?

Nivien- Neutral.

Where do you usually buy makeup?

Nivien- Sephora.

What is the best foundation you have ever tried?

Nivien- Nars Radiant

What is your current base routine?

Nivien- Moisturiser- Orgins GinZing

Me- I want to try that!

Primer- Benefit Porefessional

Foundation- Nars Radiant

Concealer- Tarte Shape Tape

Setting Powder- Laura Mercier translucent

How do you store your makeup?

Nivien- All of my makeup is stored in 1 plastic bin but as my collection has been growing I am running out of space.

To hear my responses you can get on it! Niviens post just went up📝 Click her blog link to find her part of the collab where she interviewed me. 👇🏽

Instagram: @niviensbeautycorner Let’s get her to 400 followers 🙂



Tips on Saving Time in the Morning

Tips on saving time in the morning⏰⏳

Every single morning for me is a scramble out the door. Yet trying to get an hours worth of getting ready into a measly 20 minutes can be done with some dashing around. Considering I do this practically every day, I serve as the perfect example of this.

These are some little things I do to help me out and condense my getting ready time:

Dry Shampoo👩🏽💆🏼‍♀️

When it’s second day hair and you know it will be greasy in the morning, save time by using dry shampoo the night before and let it soak up the oils overnight. If you coat your hair with a substantial amount of dry shampoo then your hair won’t be greasy at all when you wake up. All you really need to do is give it a quick brush before styling. Not only does this save time getting ready, but you can afford to use a tonne of dry shampoo without the risk of leaving the house with white marks in your hair.

Ditch making the bed or make it the last thing you do 🛏⏳

So some would call this a bad habit, but for the past couple of years I honestly don’t make my bed. I just came to an obvious realisation that it takes up time. Why not ditch it till you get home if it means you can straighten your hair instead? Or at least leave it till after you are ready, prioritise the way you look over the way your bed looks. You’re the one who has to go out today😂

Breakfast On the Go 🍏🥐

Breakfast is something we all know we shouldn’t really skip. For me, at 7 in the morning time is scarce and I’m not really thinking about food. Who really wants to eat when they’re still half asleep? As much as it is nice to sit down and eat breakfast leisurely, all chilled whilst scrolling down my instagram, realistically it’s something I can easily save for my travels. Stock up on packet foods and fruit; bananas, cereal bars, brioche, breakfast biscuits, croissants… I tend to eat my breakfast in the car or when I get to college, this way I can enjoy it more and it’s something I don’t need to think about whilst getting ready.

Ready Scent your Clothes 👔👃🏼

I’ll be on my way to college when I realise that, yet again, I didn’t put on perfume. I’m not suggesting that you take this step out of your routine, but that you should double up just incase. The night before, spray tomorrow’s outfit with the scent you plan to wear. If you DO forget to spritz in the hustle of the morning, then at least you know the scent is still existent. An obvious point, but doing this also means you’ll always have your outfit ready for the morning, saving you from an unnecessary faff.

I didn’t want to sound like a broken record but of course there’s some more really standout things you can do to salvage yourself some extra minutes each day. The overall way to do this is do just do as much as possible the night before and ultimately just be prepared. Things I’ll quickly list include; lay out your clothes, your jewelerry, your skincare, pack your bag, get out your shoes and charge your phone.

The weekend means that you probably won’t be needing any of this for tomorrow, so enjoy your lie-ins and lazy mornings, and enjoy the weekend :))



Introduction to my Astrology Series: ‘Astrology In Essence’

1537565210577INTRODUCTION TO MY ASTROLOGY SERIES: ‘Astrology In Essence’ 🌔

I plead for you to not roll your eyes but over the past couple of years I’ve become fully obsessed over ‘Astrology’. I don’t know it inside out, theres a whole mass of stuff out there and it’s not as basic as magazine horoscopes and the zodiac pages you come across on Instagram. After putting out a poll on Instagram I’ve decided to go ahead with an Astrology series. It’s been some time since I’ve delved into Astrology and with every blog post I write, I’ll hopefully uncover some intriguing stuff for myself. Don’t switch off yet, I’ll put all the jargon into simple terms!

I suppose the biggest question here is; ‘do you believe in Astrology?’ Call me insane, but to be honest, yes I do. I also understand why people don’t though. And most, well they see it as a bit of fun, life reassurance, or use it as an excuse for their terrible personality traits. I was one of those people, before diving deeper into it, and now I can’t criticise it. Personally there have been times where it has proven to be SO accurate and now I can’t shake it off as the airy fairy blabber it once kinda was.

The thing that gets me frustrated about Astrology is that it is never explained in its entirety- the average joe isn’t exposed to the layers and intricacies of it unless they decide to conduct their own research. Even after researching, I can still feel a bit thrown off balance and confused.


‘You are just one sign’. Nooo, by looking at your birth chart you will realise it’s much more complex than ‘I’m an Aquarius or I’m a Leo’. This is known as your ‘sun’ sign, we also have a moon sign and rising signs, and the placement of planets also plays a part. Without all these parts, you will most likely believe that Astrology is inaccurate, as this would suggest there are only twelve types of people in the world. Then you have to consider whether you are a fire, earth, air or water sign. Whether you are mutable, fixed or cardinal. Then there are the 12 houses on top of this. It even gets as complex as where the planets are facing in relation to each other. I most likely won’t cover that, I can’t grasp it well enough to relay back to you 😂.

These blog posts will take considerably a lot more reading and research before I can get into writing them, and it really needs to be articulated well for you all.

If you’re intrigued so far then stay on hold and I hope to get Astrology related posts up at least once a month, the next one shouldn’t be too long though.

I’m not the most suited to answer it all, I admit to knowing more than the majority, though I’m not really an astrology nerd- I’m just someone who’s excited by it and we can unravel it together!🌙🌞

Leave me a comment if there’s anything specific you want to see:)



Day to Night Skincare Routine

🌞Day to Night Skincare Routine🌝

It’s Friday🎉 Hope this week has served you all well. I’m trying not to take this blog totally down the route of beauty although that is something I love. However today is a slight exception and I’m going to be sharing my current Day to Night skincare routine with you all💙

Once I hit eleven (6 years ago..) I was immersed into YouTube and particularly the YouTube beauty vlogger scene. From tirelessly watching these videos, caring for my skin was second nature and still to this day I love to do my research on various bits and bobs. If I actually enjoyed science at school then I may have gone down the dermatology route. Although I came out with two B’s in science, forcing myself to learn the specification was near impossible and it took a lot for me to understand the concepts and get the grades. Despite this I’m not ruling out this kind of career for the future.

Anyway I’ve found that for some girls, makeup wipes are their limit when it comes to skincare, which is crazy considering our skin needs so much more.

This isn’t going to be an exhaustive list and explanation of skincare but just my personal regime, which could work as a framework for your own.

I also can’t stress the importance of spf, which is not mentioned in my routine.



My skincare for the morning is basic, usually I do just one thing and that is wash my face. If I tell people one thing I tell them to cleanse their face because it’s so so important.

I use the LUSH Angels on Bare Skin face and body cleanser to do this 👼🏼

I then use a light primer or the Mario Badescu rose water spray to prep my skin for makeup.



In the evening time is on my side, meaning I do more and use more. The very first thing I do is get my makeup off my face because I usually feel DISGUSTING. I use magic to do this, also known as a makeup removing cloth.

This £1.50 miracle cloth works wonders and gets the grime off with just water!!! As I said I don’t have a very scientific brain and don’t know how this works but the key thing here is that it really does and I feel so natural using it. (It’s machine washable and so has endless uses).

It would kill me not to wash my face so I proceed using the Soap&Glory Vitamin C facial wash. This is hyped up and it’s for a reason- Soap&Glory smashed it with this product.

About once a week I’ll also wash using my Spin for Perfect Skin brush. It can be a bit of a faff if you’re a skincare slacker but for me it’s a once a week wonder if I remember.

Sadly Soap&Glory let us down on this one, their micellar water is a bit of letdown and requires some serious scrubbing round the eyes, still, sometimes I use this as a substitute (usually if my makeup cloth is in the wash).


Next is exfoliation. Short and sweet, twice a week with this baking soda cleansing scrub kindly sent to me by Bioré.


Toner is a department I’m lacking in, I consistently forget and don’t own a toner currently. What I do own though, is a glass of Apple cider vinegar. Sounds gross and smells gross but is SO good for your skin and I tend to whip this out when my skins having a nightmare breakout.


Two words. Aloe Vera. Beautiful stuff. This is the maximum strength of Aloe Vera gel I use, I found this for about £3 in Holland and Barrett. You can google the benefits of Aloe Vera for yourself and that should serve as explanation as to why this is simply a great moisturiser.

I finish with a spot treatment. Right now I’m swinging between Sudocream and this one from the Tesco PRO Formula range.

Whether this is proven or not I don’t know but I don’t use the spot treatment everyday as I feel that my skin will slowly become immune to it or the effect of the Salicylic Acid will be reduced.


Almost forgot masking! This TruSelf Organics detoxifying mask is my favourite mask to use as it gives me such a deep clean, even though it creeps a bit over the line that I would consider expensive. If I’m not using this then I have a 1000g bag of Calcium Bentonite, mixed with apple cider vinegar this creates a paste which works as a really effective face mask. It can be quite stripping for your face so all of you with dry skin should probably stay away from this.

My routine is changeable and when it comes to skincare I am not really a creature of habit because I like to try new things and recommendations! In no way is the the perfect routine but it’s my current one and it works for me:)



Gift Ideas You Probably Didn’t Think Of..

Hi all! I’m back a week later are you proud? Thanks for the love on the blog so far, I got more views than I anticipated, although I am cringing a bit at the thought of them all being people I know personally. This academic year all my friends (&me!) are turning 18 which is the legal drinking age in the UK. It doesn’t seem real that we are all this old but, well, it is real, and its got me brainstorming gift ideas like mad.

The right thing to add here would probably be something along the lines of gifts not being the focus of the occasion- but regardless we still get frantic and end up buying another body wash and body lotion gift for the 4th year running. So I’ve decided to compile a handy list of 50 gift ideas. They are catered towards teens and adults and most are inexpensive. However, there is variation in price and therefore I hope there is something for everyone!

Stereotypically, the list is more weighted with gifts for girls, we know boys are hard to buy for and I feel that’s more of a fact at this point rather than a struggle.

1)      Lush Kitchen- Lush is a classic gift choice however you can find trial products and exclusives if you search ‘Lush Kitchen’.

2)      Earrings.

3)      Loungewear- Joggers, slippers, cute pjs, fluffy socks.

4)      Phone cases and popsockets- a light up selfie case is a unique but useful idea.

5)      Laptop cover/laptop stickers.

6)      Cute keyboard cover.

7)      A passport holder or novelty float for someone who loves travelling/if you know they have an upcoming holiday.

8)      A giant soft toy- although this may not be for everyone.

9)      A mug.

10)   Buy a plain denim jacket or backpack and some badges. Either stitch them on yourself or let them create their own design.

11)   Make them a cake.

12)   Sunglasses if Summer is coming up.

13)   A scarf if Winter is coming up.

14)   Novelty drink markers (they sell some on PrettyLittleThing).

15)  For a joint present idea, buy a pillow case and get everyone to draw on and sign it with their name and a message- use washproof pens!

16)   An Anklet- a slight change from the traditional gift of a bracelet, however you still can’t go wrong.

17)   A balloon- if you’re struggling for a wrapped gift idea, why not bring a balloon to their birthday event, or to give them at work or school.

18)   A large badge with their age or birthday message- a small gesture but makes them feel special.

19)   Cadbury gift set (look on the Cadbury website).

20)   Coffee syrups for coffee lovers.

21)   Personalised Yankee Candle.

22)   Gifts associated with their star sign- quite basic but astrology fans would love it!

23)   Scrapbook- once again not exactly unheard of but an amazing gift for a best friend or sister.

24)   If you want something personal but lower key than a scrapbook you could get some photos printed offline. LALALAB do good value polaroid style prints!

25)   Beauty Blender- maybe take the plunge for them and buy them the real beauty blender if they haven’t tried it yet. Beauty Blender also have giftsets on their website.

26)   Cute pots to store pens or brushes.

27)   Car Key cover- perfect for if they’ve recently bought a car, there are boring standard covers on amazon but there’s great websites out there who do the fun sparkly stuff.

28)   The biography/autobiography of a celebrity they like!

29)   A lightbox (spell out Happy Birthday on it for when they open it too!)

30)   Look up the benefits of essential oils- for example lavender scented items are great for people who have trouble sleeping and rosemary can help with arthritis.

31)   HP Sprocket (more on the pricey side but well worth it for the right person).

32)   Especially if you’re not seeing your friend on the day of their birthday, order a Moonpig/Funky Pigeon card but get it delivered to their house= they won’t expect it! Moonpig and Funky Pigeon also offer additional gifts which you can add to your order too.

33)   Gym wear- for example a cute sports bra/leggings set.

34)   Touchscreen gloves.

35)   A voucher for their favourite restaurant.

36)   A voucher to get their makeup done- I think MAC do this?

37)   Tealight holder or wax burner.

38)   Personalised door mat- if they have their own house/flat.

39)   Hollywood style lights- always seeing different designs in Primark/ New Look.

40)   A throw to match their room.

41)   Sweet dispenser.

42)   A cute portable charger (unless they already have one).

43)   Find some fancy/tumblr-ey headphones- like the ‘Friends’ headphones everyone had in like 2015- however not necessarily so expensive!

44)   False lashes.

45)   WHsmith or Waterstones vouchers for book and stationary lovers.

46)   Accessories such as belts or a purse.

47)   Fake tan- stock them up with their favourite brand!

48)   Jewellery holder or earring stand.

49)  Fill a hamper with their favourite snacks! (and maybe alcohol)- an inexpensive yet really thoughtful gift.

50)   Create them a snapchat filter for their birthday or their party.

Let me know if you use any of the ideas and if you haven’t got any birthdays on the horizon then you can postpone this list for Christmas!



I don’t have any kind of sponsorships, any brands or companies mentioned are purely just personal recommendations.

The End of Summer and Welcome to my Blog!

image1 (3)                                                                                                                           Photo captured by me

September looms and Youtube is full to the brim with the ‘back to school’ American cringe we used to love before we grew up and finally saw the less romanticised version of school. Don’t pretend you didn’t once adore MakeupbyMandy24, StilaBabe09 and My Life As Eva. I wish I was still 11 and binge watching all that overly optimistic twaddle. I guess for some kids they covered their back to school dread with scented rubbers, gel pens and an extortionate amount of folders (they clearly will never use all 14).

Well this year I’ll be bringing last years pencil case for my last year in education. Unless we want to count University which I am not settled on AT ALL, so we can avoid discussing that and leave it to a later post. I feel like I’ve practically been taking a raincheck on Uni since January. I will do some Uni posts at some point depending on where this year takes me.

Talking of some changes, an obvious one is THIS! Yes I’ve started a blog. Managing it might be a bit tricky as I try and clamber my way through year 13 at the same time but I promise I won’t keep disappearing.

I got some questions on Instagram which I intended to include within this post as a bit of an introduction:

-How old are you? 17

-Why did you start a blog? Lot’s of reasons, but to keep it brief, I used to have a blog when I was 13 and decided to try again with a much more mature (yet still light-hearted) style. Additionally, I can see my Instagram slightly dying out and I’m hoping this blog will add more of a human feel and give you an idea of the person behind the photos. Many of the girls I speak to on Instagram also have successful blogs and I’m really hoping I’ll be able to mingle my way into the community! (If I can figure out WordPress as its defo not proving a picnic in the park at the moment)

-Not a question but you’re actually so pretty omg Thanks Ruby! It’s a rare occasion for me to show my face over on my Instagram. Which I think is part of the reason I lack engagement with my followers. People don’t have a face to remember so they are less likely to connect with me and come back for more. Unfortunately, though, I have 8K followers and some weirdos creeping on my profile for sure. Maybe I’ll start by posting my face on this little blog first! Maybe this can be a bit of a save haven before I branch out.

Anyway, I think I’ll leave it there for today, no one wants to read a blogpost if its too chunky. Hope you have a productive (ish), yet fun and fulfilling end to summer. Leave your thoughts about Summer 2018 and your mood going into your next year of education in the comments. I’ll reply to them all- which surely won’t be too strenuous, I’ll probably have about one comment considering this is my first post. Please comment or Instagram DM me if you’re up for being blog friends. Add me to group chats if there is any. I’d be up for doing collabs and things in the future, without sounding like a begging newbie.



Oh and don’t forget to follow me!